The Opening

(Kajira by FlaxenFlame)

No matter how many hours one studies their scrolls, or practices their serves and dances, one thought always sticks at the back of the mind of a kajirus or kajira: the opening. The prospect is frightening for the truly dutiful slave. For some, that was their ultimate goal from the start… but not a true kajira or kajirus. The ultimate goal for a truly servant boy or girl is pleasing their Master or Mistress, and the opening is their greatest test as a white silk.

A truly Gorean Master or Mistress cultivates their white silk until they are ready for this important transition. It is after all, an opening of trust in the chain, a giving of each other. Regardless of the circumstance in which the opening occurs (some find it gentle and sweet, others prefer a truly larl experience), for both parties, it is an exposure.

For the Master or Mistress, they are fully opening themselves to their slave. Even the most controlled Master is vulnerable with his cock exposed.

For the kajirus or kajira, it is a test of their ability to please. This one act will determine their status in the chain and their place in the heart of their Master or Mistress. The most promising white silk can fail in this task.

A wise Master or Mistress, or a patient little one, will wait until they are ripe for the task. One should never rush the Opening. A thorough knowledge of everything that pleases a Master or Mistress is needed. The only way to thoroughly understand this is knowledge of serves and dances. It is through serves and dances one sees the nuances of how they move, and how it affects their Master or Mistress. It is this culmination of movement and flirtation that adds to the experience of the Opening.

Any slave can fur… A good kajirus or kajira knows how to send their Master or Mistress into ecstasy.


Kajirus to Master

To be a kajirus turned Master is a lesser status in certain men’s eyes. They feel such a person is weak and incapable of truly being dominant. They are right. For a kajirus turned Master, it is not about domination. It may be weak to be understanding and kind with a kajirus or kajira. I still have a firm hand if needed, but I rather use it for effect, rather than daily habit. You may remind us that we once served on our knees, and you know what, I proudly admit it. It makes us stronger Masters as we have been in the same position as our little ones. We are able to guide them through the pitfalls and traps they will encounter with Free who never had the pleasure to kneel. In my humble Free Man opinion, I think we train better slaves.


(Photo: Analisa Rhi – Gorean Essays)

Every kajira or kajirus worth their life strives for perfection. Perfection is an elusive word and many have their interpretations. Some would say a perfect slave knows every serve by heart. Others would say they are exquisite dancers. Some would profess the perfect slave could defend in battle or heal in a pinch. My father the Scribe would say a perfect slave can shut up and transcribe all day. Every Free has their own definition of what makes a perfect slave. Are they beautiful, loyal, exotic, passionate, loving?

None of that makes a difference. Each kajira and kaijrus has their own unique talents and any of them can boast upon a vast array of tricks to amuse and entertain their Masters and Mistresses. The truly perfect slave is more than anything dependable. It may not be sexy to be thought of as dependable, but for any Master and Mistress, a dependable slave is irreplaceable.

By the very nature of my job as a Free, I depend on my kajirus to understand situations from different perspectives and give his opinions when asked. They humbly take a leadership role in my chain and I can count on them to solve problems. A truly perfect slave understands their Master or Mistress’s weaknesses without them saying it, and compensate for it happily. That is the essence of their job, if we can be honest. Free are not perfect. A truly perfect slave is a team player in the chain and feels responsibility for whatever craziness their Master or Mistress may lay at their feet.

A perfect slave smiles and gladly handles the situation, chuckling on their way to the solution and loving their Master and Mistress for the adventure.

The Paths We Choose: The Dilemma of the Perpetual White Silk

A reader of this blog asked me some advice on his path as a white silk kajirus. His request was unusual in that the typical white silk is eager for his opening and usually asks me how to speed up the process. However, this kajirus wanted to know if anyone would want him if he just wanted to remain a white silk. In a broader sense, he was asking, “Why do any of us follow the paths we choose?”

I would be curious to hear what other readers’ advice might be. However, in my opinion, yes….I think there is a market in Gor for a perpetual white silk kajirus. The reader is following a spiritual path in his journey and perhaps feels celibacy brings a new enlightenment to his servitude to his Master, much like the eunuch and the monk of Earth. I have come across other kajiri and kajirae who have taken this path. Sadly, there are those who once opened, find themselves practically white silk again, as their Master or Mistress has other interests. In both instances, whether the kajirus chose the path of celibacy or it was thrust upon him, I have witnessed kajiri and kajirae who have achieved a certain status, a wisdom, a certain way of viewing the world around them that is truly beneficial to the ones they serve.

Many new kajiri and kajirae believe the ultimate service to a Master and Mistress is how they perform in the furs. What we learn as we grow wiser is that true service comes from the heart, a yearning to give fully to a Master and Mistress, to please them in every aspect of their lives. The reader may find a limited market for the perpetual white silk, as many Masters and Mistresses include carnal pleasure in the full scope of servitude. However, in large chains, a Master or Mistress may value the innocence of a servant white silk, especially a kajirus or kajirae who has channeled their repressed sexual nature into other talents. They may find it a relief to have a kajirus who only wants to serve and is not in need of servicing, so to speak. Besides, there are other ways a white silk can satisfy the carnal needs of a Master or Mistress without spoiling their innocence.

However, answering the larger question, “How do we choose our path?” Well, there are so many reasons one would choose a path. I have found the only reason that leads to happiness, though, is when I follow my heart and believe in myself. All the other reasons tend to get me into trouble.


Gor: The Great Socialist Society

(Bubbles – Seb Ulysses)

“No,” said Marcus, “Freedom is for the free. Others are to be kept in line, and exactly so. Society depends on divisions and order, each element stabilized perfectly in its harmonious relationship with all others.”
“You do not believe, then” I asked, “that everyone is the same, or must be supposed to be such, despite all evidence to the contrary, and that society thrives best as a disordered struggle?”
Marcus looked at me, startled.
“No,” I said “I see that you do not.” –
“Magicians of Gor” by John Norman (p119)

I am breaking from my usual postings to make an observation. This observation is nothing more than an intellectual exercise, and I am sure will inflame the lifestylers. However, given the recent discussion of Socialism, it is on one’s mind.

Socialism as a basic definition involves a society characterized by equal access to resources for all individuals with a method of compensation based on the amount of labor expended. However, in the 20th Century, Socialism has taken on a darker definition culminating in the National Socialist movement of the Nazis, where it opposed certain nations, ethnicities and other groups that are deemed to be undesirable. Even in 2010, we enter a world where we are afraid of big government and the nationalization of certain services to the general public, all the while being enslaved to the Masters of Business.

This observation is a culmination of several theories of Gorean Philosophy and counter arguments. One notable Gorean Philosopher, Marcus of Ar, observes:

If a creature is naturally genetically superior to another, then it is considered fitting and proper that such a creature should dominate other, less developed creatures. In regards to human beings, it understood that the stronger and/or more intelligent members of the race should be allowed to assume their rightful place in command of their inferiors. In regard to male/female sexual relations, it is therefore the right of the male, who is genetically predisposed for physical dominance, to control the physical aspects of his relationship to the female. …Subjugation of the Weak: This principle acts as the inverse to the tenet described above. In order that the race may grow stronger, it is necessary that the weaker and lesser adaptive elements of Gorean society be diminished and controlled. Warfare and slavery are two methods by which this end is accomplished.

Is Gor a Socialist society? In the truest definition, yes….as each Gorean pledges to a homestone and works towards the betterment of the values it symbolizes. All castes work towards the common goal of the strength of the homestone. Another perspective would say that Gor is exemplary of the society Ayn Rand imagined. As Marcus of Ar observed:

The common Gorean belief is that strength, whether it is physical strength, mental strength, or strength of will, should be celebrated and set forth as an example. In this way the Gorean feels he advances the human race, adding to its chances for survival and continued existence.

But even in alternative definitions, Gor could be considered exemplary of the darker definitions of Socialism. After all, women are second class citizens and the slaves are viewed as inferior. Even in terms of inferiority, there are hierarchies, as the weak male kajirus is viewed as the most despicable, lowest form of being. The male kajirus is a threat and possibly even a reminder that even those in control (the Masters) are but one piece of steel away from living on their knees. This very danger of being relegated to the lower castes tends to keep everyone in Gor subservient to the overall Socialistic goal of maintaining the order of things.

Those who oppose the order are considered outlaws… rebels…. pirates…. panthers. Those who do not follow the dogma of the “Gorean Philosophy” are viewed as heretics and are sought and destroyed. Sound familiar?

This is just an observation.

White Silk

It is the essence of virtue. The dream of the untouched. Innocence. It is not to be questioned or considered. It is the start of growth. A white silk instills the promise of what is to come.  It is an unfinished symphony. It is the beginning. A good white silk understands restraint. Patience.


Matrix Voom lingers over his paga as he ponders the job of assassin. He lifts the goblet to his lips and remembers his secret trainings. He turns his eyes to the door of Three Winds and wonders if they linger outside, hunting his blood. There are so many of them. He nods and stands, looking over his Home Stone, his place to reconnect and throws his satchel over his shoulder. He walks to the front doors, his hand over the silver knobs and sighs. He can never come home here again, he thinks as he looks at the world he knows.

He snickers to himself as he imagines the journey he takes to hide, muttering, “One should never threaten to kill an assassin.” He smirks and knows his fate as he walks to the docks of Three Winds and throws his satchel in the boat, breathing in the salty air. He pushes the boat away from the docks with his boot and watches as the home he has always known vanishes before his eyes.

He turns to the isles before him and sighs, “”Is it possible for me to stay out of danger?!” He smirks as he stears the boat towards the north, wondering what lays before him…and whether he can live this time. He looks back on his Home Stone as the wind whips his unruly black hair over hs sapphire eyes and grins, thinking to himself, “Probably not”…and stears his boat away from his home.

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