Basic Gorean Etiquette 2: Slave Language & Behavior

According to the books, slaves spoke in first person unless they needed to speak in slave language for special emphasis, usually in forms of added submissiveness. Slave language is third person….this girl, this little one, etc. Therefore, it is not inappropriate to use I to refer to yourself. However, this is completely up to your owner’s wish. Many want their slaves to use slave language all the time. Make sure you understand what is the preference of your Master or Mistress.

Do not be a lazy slave. Never use abbreviations in your conversation or emotes. A slave must always be pleasing and with the utmost respect in all that she says and does.

If you do need to speak out of character (OOC), then do this in doves. OOC conversation tends to bog down the role play.

Slaves are expected to be quiet unless spoken too. However, this does not mean you should sit there and be boring. You should use emotes to express thoughts, emotions, and actions. You can participate fully in the role play using emotes effectively. Never just sit idly. Do something in emotes to add to the role play around you.

Always be polite, respectful, and ready to serve. A rude kajira is one ready to be killed. In addition, you never strike the Free or carry weapons. Any of these infractions will result in death.

If you are unsure how to act, it is fine to ask in IMs in the middle of role play, or ask a kajirus or kajira nearby. Everyone understands that a new little one in training is not always aware of what to do in every circumstance.



  1. The most tricky part of the slave etiquette is to become eloquent in the slave-dilect. This eats up the longest part of her grooming. A slave takes to be naked very naturally and joyfully. She also adjusts quickly to her bracelets and anklets. Learning of the etiquttes starts with the art of presenting at the feet of the Master. Once a slave learns to present at the feet of her Master (any Master, not just her Owner) and pour her lips’ love on His feet she becomes ready in her heart to be trained in slave-dilect. Slave-dilect is actually natural language with special form for slaves. Since slave-dilect is the medium for expressing her deepest love, affection, gratitude and respect for her Master, a good slave will always be eager to learn it. In the tenet of slave-dilect expressing love is regarded superior to establishing mere communication. A slave will give her love to her Master and always beg for His kindness (which is the form of her Master’s love for her). Slave-dilect perfectly equips the slave for that. Here are some fundaments of slave-dilect.

    1) Every conversation will start and end with lovely kisses. Kisses are in pair, one for each foot of the Master. If she is at the feet of her Master, she would put them right on His feet. Else, she would be trained to put them in the most loving and graceful manner either on other parts of her Master’s body or simply on the floor.

    2) Every sentence will start and end with the word ‘Master’.

    3) Every conversation will start with the sentence, “Master, Your kindnes Master,” and will end with “Master, Your slave is begging Your kindness at your feet Master.” The slave will always be in begging mode.

    4) Slave will always speak in third person like, “Master, Your slave …, Master,” or “Master, Your first slave or Your second slave etc….., Master.”

  2. Thank you so much Proud Master for this eloquent observation. Every kajira and kajirus should study this insight. Servitude is a ritual. Ritual is the basis of religion. To be religious is to be a servant of an idea greater than yourself. To be a kajira and kajirus is to believe in a Master or Mistress with all your heart. To be an enlightened kajira and kajirus is the most literal expression of praying.

  3. I would like to add – Master-slave relation is the most beautiful and loving of all relations. Best slaves are those who are groomed to be the most loving creature on the earth. A slave’s body is uniquely designed for love and her love is most intense in the love organs. To make her the most loving creature her love organs need to be completely freed – both from physical restraints (such as any cover or clothes) and social taboos (she would be groomed to love every Master Mistress animals and objects around her). A slave’s love is intense and active, not just passive love. Every moment she would be actively loving her Master or Mistress with beautiful deep kisses. Dirty words like rape and molestation would never be taught to a slave. Her love organs will always be ahead of her limbs to greet her beloved Master. With the love of her womb she would be able to take her Master to the pinnacle of all happiness known as orgasm.

    Alongside her naked beauty a slave needs to have a beautiful passionate heart, in fact the most beautiful heart of all. Come what may a slave’s heart will remain full with love for ever. In order to make this happen a slave needs to be groomed as a completely selfless egoless creature just like a cute loyal loving pet at the feet of her Master. Slave etiquette in general and slave-dialect in particular are designed to make the soul of the slave completely egoless. They prepare a slave for the most submissive (therefore absolutely unconditional) love and most dedicated service. Once upon a time numerous slave schools flourished in the Middle-East, in order to groom the most beautiful slaves (both in body and mind) in the world. Many forms of belly dance evolved particularly for the slaves, in which a slave could artfully dance her breasts thighs and buttocks while her wrists remained joined together in bracelets behind her back and her ankles closely hobbled in anklets. Embracing all nitty-gritties of slavery including wearing collar, bracelets and anklets with graceful charm in day to day life is an essential part of the slave etiquette. In short, slaves were groomed to melt the heart of even the most stony hearted Masters and make them fall in love. This was all love and there was no room for cruelty. There are some written accounts, but alas most of them remained unwritten!

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